About Raise The Black

 U.S. Special Forces 'Green Berets' have been going into combat with host nation partners since they were first created.
Laos, Vietnam, El Salvador, Afghanistan, and Iraq to name just a few.  Green Berets and their partners fought, bled, and died together.


Far too often, these partners are abandoned when the U.S. Policies change. However, there are those who will never forget their brothers. 


In 2003 the secretary of defense tasked, Green Berets, to create an Iraqi counter terrorism force modeled after, the United States’ own Special Operations Forces. By December, the Iraqi 36th Commando Battalion was conducting operations with their U.S. Green Beret partners.


The Green Berets were tasked again. This time to create a tier 1, hostage rescue unit.

 After the qualified candidates attended and passed selection, the Iraqi students and U.S. Trainers went to Jordan for training. Those who survived the strenuous 98-day course graduated and formed the Iraqi Counter Terrorism Force (ICTF). In 2004, the commandos (became 1st BN) & ICTF (2nd BN) joined together and formed the first Iraqi Special Operations Force brigade (ISOF). ISOF and the Green Berets fought side by side until U.S. Forces were pulled out in 2011.

The elite units have been at the front of nearly every other battle against the militants in Iraq as territory has slowly been taken back from the Islamic State. 


Driving their signature black HMMWV, they have raced from battle to battle.

The Iraqi Counter Terrorism Service (CTS) held their ground and became a source of national pride.

The products we design and sell are given free of charge to those still fighting. They symbolizes the bond that was created between the Green Berets and their Iraqi brothers in the fire of battle.

In May of 2017, Bryan Myers hand delivered many of our products during his two-week trip to Iraq. These included our flags, death cards, bumper stickers and patches.



Raise the Black bumper sticker on a captured VBIED